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atkelar's Journal

Puppetry and Videos

15 October
Hmmm... have to think of something witty for this...

First off: I'm only known online by my nickname and would like to keep it that way in order not to have any potential trolls extend their activity to any of my RL accounts. The internet does NOT have an "undo" or "unlearn" button so I'd rather be careful up front.

Well, let's add some hobbies, maby I can come up with something a bit more interesting later...

  • Movies (DVDs, cinemas whenever time permits)

  • Comic books

  • Photography (wildlife and macro)

  • Video (filming, editing)

  • Pool Billard

  • Puppetry (watching and - for the camera - performing)

Right now (02-2018) my comic book collection is at 2861 books, the DVD collection at 1025 titles.

Atkelar, playing pool as drawn by RoseAtkelar, filming puppets as drawn by KarpourAtkelar model sheet, drawn by Richard Gaines.