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EF14 - #5

Ok, it's over and I've seen only a small portion of the program. But what I've seen makes me want to come back again... hopefully in better health and able to stand 12:00pm to 2:00am programming ;)

The pawpet show went along the spooky theme of the "Horrorfurence" and included Vampires and dreams that will not end...

During the show I finally managed to exchange a few words with Herbie.

Today I almost finished my list of people to meet and greet by talking to 2 Gryphon - sadly I couldn't stay for a longer chat: my belly acted up again... :(

Only person I missed the chance to talk to in person was Uncle Kage. Oh well, there'll be other times...

Now I'll have monday to relax and will go back home on tuesday... meet my Doctor at wednesday. Keep your claws crossed!
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