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As you might have noticed, I decided to keep up my YouTube video production at an every-other-week schedule as close as possible. So far, since returning home from NFC, it worked out. Yay! Also, I keep getting some good feedback from non-furs.

I really love the combination of things that the "Tinkering with Atkelar" series has brought with it: random tinkering projects, scripting and editing a nice, not too long video together along with puppetry for moderating... It kinda ticks all my boxes right now.

Would I monetize YouTube? Well... maybe. I am not 100% against the option, but right now, I shall not. There are too many strings attached for what I can expect from a less than 400 subscriber channel. The fact that I could request it at all is only due to the age of my account... I certainly do not meet the current monetization requirements. And provided that YT wants a weekly upload... I maybe never will, unless I can make a decent living from it. And THAT is so far out of reach it isn't even funny.

I keep the comments on my channel to "manually approve" to weed out any trolls or weirdos mostly. So far, I only had to remove about 3 spam comments and one clear troll that was "offended by my weirdness"... I don't mind feedback, even negative one, but it should be civilized and factual.

That said, if you read this: spread the word! If I push through the 1000 subscriber mark, I could use community posts on YT... As much fun as I love making the videos, the virtual pat on the back when the views / subscriber numbers go up is the currency of the creative hobbyist ;)

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