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A few random thoughts about april fools...

The way I was raised, April fools jokes used to be a minor, but recurring thing. It's kind of a "let's have fun and don't be serious for one day" kind of thing. Similar to carneval, but without any pomp around. Simiar, there was shows akin to "candid camera" where people played out elaborate jokes. And it was fine... because none of these were ill-spirited, none were even remotely likely to cause harm and all of them were over very quickly; thus the "victim" of the joke had a good laugh as well. Everybody shook hands, laughed and went their ways. That's how it should be...

But what happened?

It seems that some prank-centered TV-shows had a drop in ratings and the only thing they could think of - like the one tracked bullying minds some executives surely are - is to "ramp up the extreme!"; this lead to pranks that made you think that they must have employed stuntpersons instead of random passerbys and "jokes" that kept being perpetuated, even when the pranked person already realized that it's a prank. Like the bully going "stop hitting yourself!"... Showing that on public TV set a bad example for the general public and now just about every other April fools' bit is more like harassment and bullying than a good natured joke.

The cynic in me hopes that one day, the victim of such a produced for public TV show keels over with a heart attack and they finally find out that TV isn't above the law; it certainly seems to be above common decency.


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