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EF 14 - #2

So far, so good.

Got my official conbadge and conbook first thing in the morning... technically I was first in the registration office but the staff was still setting up so I came back later ;)

Since the first day was all about registration, only the opening ceremony was held today... well... ceremony might be a bit too big a word for the short speech by the chairman but it was interesting nontheless. I videotaped most of the speech - the part that is missing has people's heads and conbook-sunprotection appearing out of nowhere and obstructing the view. Like cinema: can't people sit or stand still when they are watching something? Argh. Well, let's see what editing can fix here.

There were lots of fursuits running around already and I took some pictures. Not nearly as many as I'd like to but my injury makes me semi-stationary so I can only shoot what walks/waddles/bounces/rolls in my field of view most of the time. :(

I was able to introduce myself to several people/furs I've only known via mail or IRC so far: kuddlepup, karpour, yamavu, yappyfox, simbamco.
And I have seen - but not yet talked to - Uncle Kage (he said "hi" while walking past though :), Herbie (looked too stressed for me to approach without feeling guilty), and 2 Gryphon (strange coincidence: he asked me where to get the plates for the BBQ - now if I were a fanboy I would drool all over :)
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