Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

Radio restoration project - 3

And: I call it finished!

After quite some adjusting by trial and error (since I don't own a frequency analyzer, I had to improvise) the radio's reception in the FM range was quite good. AM signals decoded... I clipped an AM modulated signal from my DSO's frequency generator onto the antenna wire to simulate the low and high end frequency of the bands according to the labels. I managed to tune the oscillator to produce a working signal on all of these, but I could not find any radio station on any band. I guess AM is pretty much dead now around here. Bummer really.

Up next I had to re-assemble the chassis with the (previously) cleaned case. What I didn't realize before, was that the punched letters in the back cover actually had "golden" paint inside. They were grime covered so the back panel looked pretty much uniform colored. I scraped out each and every letter and digit with a screwdriver to recover the gold-ish color in most areas.

I also managed to find the old fuses that I did not want to use anymore (I bypassed them with a more modern glass fuse holder) but now I wanted to put them in for decorative reasons.


Last but not least, the "magic eye" tube does work, but it is almost invisible, as dim as it has become over time... a "new" one is going for 80 Euro on ebay. That is slightly above budget though. "Almost compatible" ones are still some 50 Euro. Yikes. Way out of my range for this pet project. EM34 is the type. Update as I type this: I found a "compatible version" for 19 Euro, that's more like it. Let's see what/when/if it arrives... I'll post a brief update!

Well... what do you think?

Tags: electronics, projects, radio, restoration

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