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Busy spring day...

Finally, all clicked together: Nice weather outside, I'm feeling well and the
current SW project is in a "need feedback from our tester" phase, so I have some
time on my hands. Don't get me worng, either of the above has happened several times
already, but together is a first for 2017.

I get up around noon-ish, being the night-owl person that I am and decide: outdoor
stuff needs attending! So let's get going:

Step 1.: Mow the lawn. Wow. Even with an electric mower, the sun was burning down
pretty bad. I was drenched and we have only about 100m² of grass to cut.

Step 2.: Re-pot some growing greenery. The major supermarket in Austria currently has
an interesting giveaway for kids: little seeds/planting combos. Since I wanted to try
out some home grown stuff again, I figured: why not? I can ignore the aimed-at-kids
wording of the instructions and just plant the seeds anyway, they will grow or not
grow no matter how old I am :)
The carrots and cherry tomato plants were already big enough to find new pots.

Step 3.: Get rid of all the accumulated junk from the last six or so months.
That one gave me a chance to take the tractor for a spin again. A whole trailer
load of junk... our local community disposal is only open twice a week, so I had to
store that stuff on the trailer to be hauled off later this week. But at least it
is gone from home and in the old barn, ready to get dumped!

Step 3a.: Since my parents' separation, the "tool shed" was a huge mess... my dad
just took what he wanted and dumped everything else on the floor. That was about
half the trailer load.

Step 3b.: Assess the damage in that side building. Our house is old but "OK" built.
Not so much that building where I want to put in about half of my tinkering stuff.
It is pretty much just sitting on the ground with no insulation whatsoever. So far I
hoped that the wet floor was just condensation... but after removing the old flooring
my dad had put in part of it... ho boy. Nope. Wet to the point of almost dripping.
Also some of the walls are wet... That is going to be one expensive (and/or time
consuming) fix.
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