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Woodworking log #16

Yay! Finally! After quite some debate as well as to and fro with the company where I ordered it, my drill press arrived today!

I couldn't wait to try it out after I assembled it and bolted it to the floor so the picture here shows a "used state" rather than the "sparkly clean new one" that I'd like. But I lost track of time and had to head home rather quick and so I couldn't clean it before the pic, that has to wait for the weekend, when I drill some more holes! Yay for perpendicular holes!

Now that I can drill pretty much all I need to drill, I picked up the "mechanical calendar" project again and started with some of the larger parts and the set of gears that make up the wind up mechanism.
Can you see it? Even the gears are happy that some progress is made!

Another mess I had to leave for the day... cutting tiny parts makes a whole lot of mess, and that doesn't include the sawdust that my dust collector picked up!

Here's a picture of the winding gears, some sanding on the teeth and insides is still needed but at least they came out fine and nothing broke.
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