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Woodworking log #15

Time for another workshop project update!

Besides cleaning and sorting, I have been finishing up my planer stand/bench. I have not enough space here to give the planer a fixed spot so I have to move it around and at >30kg it is not to be taken lightly. Sorry for the pun but you get my point: that bench needed some wheels! But when operated, it needs a very good and firm connection to the ground. Wheels in between the legs and the floor would have been a no-go. There are different solutions to this problem and then there's that thing I came up with. Essentially the two handles that protrude to one side will act as levers to push down the wheels on the other side and lift up the planer stand. Then I can use the handles as levers (like a wheelbarrow) to move that thing around with ease. The only problem I came across: if I lift the handles up too far, the center of gravity will tip forward and the planer stand will just rotate around the middle axis and the legs will come down again. Not 100% stable in moving mode but I can live with that - if it turns out to be too annoying, I can always add a latch to the handles to lock them in "drive" mode. Here's a picture:

To further clean up the shop, I decided to implement my version of Matthias Wandel's "another air cleaner" made from an older fan I had around. I didn't use box joints and rather glued the pieces together flush and with a small strip of wood in the corner for additional support, but other than that it has some parallels to the video, even though I only watched it once before I built that thing from memory. The only reasonably priced filters I got were smaller than the one in the video which is why there are two side by side. Runs nicely and pushes a lot of air through. Not sure how much cleaner it will get, since I won't have the money that dust-meter cost... holy expensive!

(and I really really really hope that my drill press will get delivered tomorrow, as it should...)
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