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Woodworking log #14

And it's done! I finally managed to get that dust extraction system up and running the way I wanted it.

The tricky part was to come up with a way of creating "valves" for the junctions. I am rather pleased with the solution I found and implemented. Never mind the globs of glue that hold the stupid plastic material somewhat together though. I did not go for beauty in this, just to match the crooked brick wall :P

Here's one of the junctions/valves that is now connecting my miter saw to the main pipe. Also notice the flea market vacuum cleaner hose here. I got a whole bag of these for 5 Euro so I don't ask. And it works like a charm:

After finally getting that thing from my to do list, I decided it would be a good time to clean up a little... also, I could not find my to do list in all that clutter. With the shop semi-clean again, I took two pics of the current "power tool corner" setup:


Up next: I'm still waiting for that drill press. Also, if finances allow for it, I might put in a small lathe eventually. But making holes is more important now. Hopefully that thing will get delivered next thursday!
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