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Woodworking log #12

I got another two days of work to report, still setting up the shop...

The main dust collection pipe is now going all around the designated "power tool area". I removed the rubber gaskets to make it easier to connect the pipes and sealed them with duct tape. I am therefore one of the very few hobbyists who uses duct tape for the very same purpose it came about in the first place. What's next? WD-40 for water displacement?

What turns out to be a much bigger challenge however is to create the sliding "valves" that I came up with. The prove of concept worked nice, so the method in itself is a "go". But it's almost impossible to glue these pipes together in a way that provides mechanical stability. I even tried PVC glue on the PVC pipes and it snapped off with little to no force at all. Bummer. I was hoping to get around a solution that required screws because they will protrude on the inside of the pipe and thus might block some larger chips. I hate potential blockages.

I did film some of the construction, so I might create a video from it when it's done.

Also, I mounted some outlets to connect the machines. That way I have no extension cord mess running through my shop for the regular tools and can keep them plugged in. Well, sorta. There's a 16A 3-phase plug on the other end of the wiring so I can plug in that setup as a unit. I might permanently connect it at a later time. Not worth the effort just yet. The only powertool I'm expecting to use the 3-phase outlet is going to be my (hopefully soon arriving) drill press. I can live with swapping plugs for that for now.

Oh, and I found something better than the wire from the last picture! Here you can see it, along with one of the four double-outlets I stuck to the wall.

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