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Woodworking log #11

It's been a while since my last post... mostly because of RL work stuffs. You know... earning money and somesuch nasty things.

Yesterday, I finally managed to set up the remaining workbench parts. Now I have a 4m and a 3m bench to mount powertools on. Nifty. I might need to restructure the rest of the workshop now though. :)

Today was another productive day in the workshop. I started putting up the dust collection system with my patented (not really, but give credit if you use it) system of PVC sewage pipes. As a central element, I decided to add a cyclone separator to the end of the main line, right before the actual store bought dust collector. The construction is based on this video with some variations on the materials and most notably the bucket connection. Turns out that the vacuum alone pushes the two buckets together enough to create an almost perfect seal and it is working as shown in the picture... but I'll add some gasket (inner tube) and two or three snapping thingies to secure the connection later.
Also notice the generous application of glue as a seal around the pipes and wood pieces as I forgot the cartridge press (whatever it's actually called, one of these: German Amazon link for reference) and had to improvise.
I'm still experimenting around in connecting the actual hoses to the main pipe... but a 15m long 40mm diameter vacuum cleaner hose attached to the pipe in the picture actually picked up sawdust just fine. Not "OMG IT SUCKS" but also not "OMG this sucks" ;)

EDIT: the wire I used to mount the tubing is considered temporary until I can find something better. Which might be: never. :P

Now that I'm actually moving things into place, the shop is becoming less of a failed tetris field with every step along the way :)
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