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Woodworking log #10

After several days of work and a messed up sleep schedule, I returned to the shop and finished up the first segment of my new workbench. I also moved the first set of power tools to it so The other end of the shop doesn't look like a tetris field anymore.
I'll bolt them down once I've tested the distribution for usability...

Edit: I also finally managed to get the table of the bandsaw (very left in the pic) to be perpendicular to the blade which means the fence is now finally parallel to the blade. Who put that washer between two pieces of sheet metal instead of between the metal and the nut? Anyhow, this strange detail caused the table's tilting mechanism to give the table a rather large angle.

After shoving some stuff around, I waxed all the surfaces that should be slick (i.e. the planer tables, table saw, etc...) to both prevent rust and make it easier to work with. I didn't think there would be much difference between a nicely cleaned metal surface and a waxed one... but wow, was I wrong.
Having cleaned off the table saw, I also made a zero clearence insert from some plywood I had around.
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