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Woodworking log #6.b

What an exhausting day. And boy, that planer does make a lot of sawdust! The dust collection bag filled to the mid-point just from today.

What have I been up to today? My current projects are:

  • A little bench for the planer: It would sit too high on the table.

  • A bench to put out in front of the house: the old one was too grimy and the wood was beyond a "new paint-job" repair.

  • The cutting board from the last post.

All of these require the raw wood to be planed to size, so I took a "planing day" and ran through the planer what I could today. Tomorrow is going to be the fitting and assembling day for the benches.

One thing I learned today: I really hate dowels. Or rather drilling the holes for them free hand. Somehow I managed to put them into the exact locations where the second hole would cause my drill bit to be pushed around by the grain. I couldn't align any two holes properly today. Nothing a bit agressive sanding wouldn't fix, but still very annoying.

I couldn't run the walnut board through the planer today, cause it's a bit too wide for my machine and I have burried my tablesaw again. Yes the large workbench/table is still in the making and I'm shifting stuff from one flat surface to the other :)

As I wanted to get as much done today as possible, I didn't stop for pictures on the way. There will be pictures of the finished projects, but no making of for the benches.

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