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Woodworking log #6.a

Today marked an important milestone yet again: I found a lumberyard that would actually sell single boards of "special" wood to non-commercial customers. Nice. Had a logistical nightmare asking around until I finally figured out who and where to ask for stuff but it worked out just fine. I now own a board of both walnut and maple. Not cheap but nice to try out one of the most basic projects one can find in a "how to" video on the interwebs: A cross grain cutting board. The one I'm doing is this one here. The finish is the only thing I'm missing on the "parts" and "tools" list, but as the name implies, it's not needed until quite a bit later :)

Also, a neighbor helped getting rid of some heavy stuff to make room for my table project, so now I have quite a lot of things I can get done tomorrow. Let's see how I'm going to feel, how the weather is turning out and what can actually get finished. Hopes are high, wish me luck!
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