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Woodworking log #5

...or: The continuation of the "secret project". Yesterday had me drilling some holes and adding some threaded inserts to the project, nothing worth taking pictures really.

Today, I headed to the hardware store again (gotta be their customer of the month soon...) and got myself yet another useful tool to cut out a rectangular area in the large piece of my parts.

Here's what it looked then:

The rectangle is slightly out of whack on one side but I can attribute that to "getting to know the new tool" and it's more cosmetics anyway.

Up next: Sanding those pieces to get a decent look and hide the fact that the big block is made up of two boards:

The final step for the wood was a bit tricky: chisel out a rectangle from the side of the hole in the block to make a piece of sheet metal fit snugly inside... took some time but I got it done:

Now what would a wood project be without some form of metal work? :) In my case I had to cut a few screws to length, make a wing-nut and a screw into a single assembly and get some box cutter blades. The full parts list is visible here:

And of course I realized that I forgot one ever so important step for the wood: A groove cut on top of the longer parts. Did that with a model making mill and a Dremel bit. Noisy but worked nice.

And here it finally is: assembled to test the function. Yes, it's a marking gauge! The second pic shows my test cuts. Since I'm using knife blades, it even works exceptionally smooth across the grain. Lovely!

I addded a bit of stain to make the wood a bit darker next, sanded with 300 grit after it dried...

...and the finishing touch: A little bit of work in Illustrator and cut out with an exacto knife: rulers.

Done! I hope some of you out there had fun guessing along and I'm always glad to hear feedback!
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