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Woodworking log #4

Dust (sawdust to be precise) is a major issue when doing woodworking with the aid of powertools. You might get away without a dust collection system when using only hand tools but I admit I'm way too lazy for that aproach.

As you might have read before (I posted about it here) I got myself a semi decent dust collector. The only real "problem" is: I now have several stationary power tools and several other mobile ones that have dust collection outlets. Having to haul a hose around from one to another seems a waste of time and energy, also the hose would be in the way of things most of the time anyway.

How about installing a fixed pipe system to connect the stationary tools and add a longer hose for the mobile ones? Well, that sounds nice! Let's check some pricing information on that... ACK! Who knew that pipes could be so expensive! Even plastic solutions charge about 40-50 Euro for a "slider" type of gate to turn off an outlet. And you can't have all of them open since that would cause the suction to go down on the one that you are actually using.

Arriving at a very unreasonable amount for a "real" thing, I decided to improvise here. What do I really need? Sturdy pipes with about 10cm diameter with Y junctions (for better airflow than "T" junctions) to connect 4 and 7cm hoses and a way of turning them on and off individually... that "turning on and off" part is probably not going to be easy, but hey, I came up with a decent solution!

Sewage pipes! They come in plastic (PVC?) around here and have a gasket fitted on one end to connect them. They are also very sturdy since they are usually put underground so they should hold up against the air pressure quire nicely. The larger ones are 11cm but that's nothing a little duct tape wouldn't fix. There's 4cm versions too, not so sure about 7cm ones though. Oh well, let's experiment with the "turning this thing off" mechanics!

I got myself a short piece of pipe to test my solution and low and behold: it actually works! *IF* I find a glue that actually binds to this stupid non-stick plastic... Non-stick is very much a must in sewage pipes, but if you want to "customize" them... not that easy :D

I'll post pictures of the process and prove of concept once I've installed it... which might be a week or two at least.
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