Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

Woodworking log #3

Summary: Brrrr! Cold day for the beginning of May... I was almost freezing. At least I got something done today.

First, I chiseled out the part of the legs that would be the half lap joints for the bottom rail to rest in. That went alright, except with two legs where I came across a knot in the wood: had to cut that part with the bandsaw again.

Then I drilled holes into the other joint - the lap joint on the top cross rail - so I could get the bandsaw around that corner with less effort and cut out that part too. That left me with all the parts in "ready to assemble" state.

Assembly went smooth enough. I only had to re-cut two of the lap joints and the others fit with either little or some force. Added wood glue and some clamps so the legs are now finished.


Up next: a brief intermediate cleanup of the shop. You wouldn't believe how much scrap and waste can pile up even for a small project like this.


Having access to my tablesaw again (it was used as temporary leg storage area) I started another project. I'll just post actual progress and see if you can guess what it's going to be when it's finished :)

Starting with a board that I got from my local hardware store, I cut out the parts that I needed: Two long thin strips and two plates.


I am quite happy just how nice and straight the parts came out of the tablesaw. Also, thanks to my homemade sled, I can cut small pieces like that without trouble. I did use a push stick to hold down the smaller ones, since that would get me too close to the blade even with the sled: I'm not stupid.

Next, I marked a nice curve to one side of the plates and cut that out on the bandsaw.


And to finish today's work, I glued and clamped the two plates together to form one thicker block.


Tomorrow (a holiday in Austria) I'll continue that project with a drill, Dremel tool and an iron rod. Let's see if any of you can tell already!
Tags: projects, table, woodworking

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