Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

Woodworking log #2

The day in the shop started with some "argh!" - the sled I built yesterday still had the miter slot rails to be trimmed off and secured with some more screws... wich, for some reason, caused them to go out of alignment and block the sled. I had to tweak them into fitting before I could use the sled for the bulk of today's work.

Having a working sled again, I started by cutting one side of the lap and half lap joints into the leg pieces. Using the sled and a stop block made the task repetetive but easy. Kind of the "wash rinse repeat" of woodworking.

This is where I first state: I hate repetitive work... but the table needs nine leg assemblies so I have to go through quite a bit of cutting and tweaking...

After the cuts across the grain were made, I needed to cut them lengthwise too... whis meant that I had to build another jig for running them across the table saw upright, or use the bandsaw. I opted for the second option, which might have been a mistake: The small saw I got last year (and which I'm using for the first time to do non-free-form cutting) proved to cut anything BUT straight. I did lots of tweaking with the tracking, tension and blade guards but I couldn't get it to track perfectly, just "so-so". That means that I either have to do some sanding to make the joints fit, or to find some shim to cram into any nooks.

Time with the power-tools was limited again and so I can't actually tell if the joints fit because there's still some wood to be removed left on one half of them. Getting the central part of that joint out of the wood without powertools and against the grain isn't something I look forward to, so I'm waiting for a weekday to do that when I can use the bandsaw again.

Maybe I'll use a chisel to remove the parts that are with the grain tomorrow... we'll see...
Tags: sled, table, woodworking

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