Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

WTF Cloud #1 - Adobe, WTF???

Today's example of f*** you, customer is from Adobe.
Recently I did check for updates on my CS-6 installation and woah, it actually HAD an update available! Nifty! It seemed that they weren't forgetting all those paying customers who don't give a hoot for cloud-based-services after all!

Little did I know that installing that update changed the Adobe Application Manager to become the Adobe Creative Cloud thingy. Now three(!) background processes autostart every time I log on. Currently I'm trying to stop them from doing that...

One of these "services" is called "core sync". Geez, I wonder what it does! (that was sarcasm in case you didn't catch it over the HTML)

And not enough that I get somehow "connected" without my consent, I also apparently now have an installation of "node js" that comes with it. Nope. I don't care how much all the noobs of "programmers" out there love JavaScript. Such a B.S. idea like running real world applications with it will not soil my system! Where did I put that shovel and gloves?

Bottom line: be careful what you update and when. Trust NO one. Not even a company that behaved reasonably up until now.

Less "ranty" reasoning behind the above text:

I am an advocate of privacy and security in IT. Whenever I see some company/government institution threatening either of that I keep looking for alternatives. But there is next to no alternative to Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects... Not using most of the other programs but these three cannot be repleaced with something "at par".
Why do I think that the "cloud" is bringing down IT security and privacy? Because as long as hackers or rogue government agent has to tap into your computer at home, it's going to be complicated for them - if you pay a bit of attention. If all the data is stored with corporations who are forced to "comply with government security standards" (lol) all the data/info is up for grabs for anyone who is into the game on the dark side. Centralized and ready to be harvested "in bulk". And there is no "anonymity of masses" either. Every bit can be traced back to the individual who it is connected with.

From a practical standpoint: I hate "auto"-anything programs. Anybody out there who didn't disable "autocorrect"? And in my opinion, all "auto*" applications fall into that very same category. They will nag you about whatever the manufacturer wants to sell to you whenever you are least ready to handle the interruption. Something like: "Oh, you just clicked on Photoshop. Surely you didn't mean to do any WORK, right now that I have to download this 100MB+ update to keep the pencil icon sharp?" Catch my drift?
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