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Things to wonder about: Aircraft?

I took a trip by plane to Düsseldorf two days ago and was wondering about the "in flight display" that they had on their viewscreens. You know: the kind that alternates between a nifty 3D view of the outside landscape and some nice infos: speed, time to destination and similar stuff.

What struck me as very odd was that they did list the Aircraft type too... (airbus A 310 or something, I couldn't quite make it out from my seat)
Why do I think that this is odd? Several reasons that I came across while I was thinking of the "why":

1.: I don't think that anyone of the passengers actually cares much. There might be one or two aircraft enthusiasts about but they probably can tell the type by the shape and color of the coffee maker.

2.: The pilot/copilot are just about the only ones who need to have that info and they will know what they are flying around in... I hope at least. And even if not: the in-flight info seems to be a bit late for that. Imagine the dialog in thec cockpit right after takeoff: "Hey wait! I can't actually fly that model!" - "Me neither!" - "AAAAAAAAHHHHH"

3.: All of the other provided values change over time so it's neat to have a constant view of them: distance, speed, altitude... but the aircraft type??? How often has it happened that you landed in a different type of aircraft than you started in??? Is that so common that you have to keep reminding people where they are right now? (EDIT: unless you are Tom Cruise or James Bond of course)
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