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Personal schedule / Video update

I'm getting really annoyed now. After a days worth of repair effort on my part, it turns out that the electronics in the camcorder is obviously fried. Everything but the firewire port works. Why is it rarely ever the cheapest solution?!

As my summer low nears it's end and I have to concentrate on working for money again, I would have loved to give my few but steady viewers at least a short little something next weekend. "Pawpet News #2" is well on its way but since I'm now officially unable to transfer the video to my computer anytime before the weekend it might not get finished before October even...

October/November is likely to be a bit lighter on the work schedule part again so I might be able to take care of the technical issues until then and continue the pawpet work... I do feel sorry, especially since I had such a good time making these little clips and now technology lets me down.

Option 1: Send the camcorder in for repairs. Likely result: long wait and high bill. As well as a lot of "you did what?" trying to explain my own repair attempts

Option 2: Buy another (preferably equal) HDV-camcorder. Price: around 1000EUR. Advantages: I would have two cameras and could do "dialog sequences" or other multi-angle shots.

Option 3: Get a mini-DV tape deck. Would fit any other mini-DV camera I might get at a later time and I would not wear out the camera's deck when viwing and capturing. Price: don't ask... I've not seen anything below the 2000EUR mark.

As of now I don't have any other options. Especially since I should not spend more than 500EUR on that.
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