Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

Software Updates: Rant.

I think it's time for another "let's compare computers with cars" bit...

This time: Updates!

Imagine yourself shopping for a new ride. You will evaluate your options, check out different manufacturers and compare models. Once you decided on that, you'll pick the extras that you want and of course the color you want it. And you are glad to pay the price because: you get what you wanted.

Now picture yourself enjoying the new fancy car for a week or so. Then, all the sudden, the "check engine" light comes on and the manual directs you to your dealer. Upon arriving there, he greets you with a greedy smile inbred to all stereotypical car salesmen and proudly announces that there is a security update ready for your car that they are going to install for free, but you have to take it or otherwise the warranty on your breaks will expire. Well, why not?

When you get your car back, you hardly recognize it at all: They re-painted it in a "new trendy" style, added a spoiler, bolted the driver side door shut so you can either enter through the trunk or the passanger side door which now opens gullwing style, the steering wheel is now cut in half, and all the buttons on the dashboard have randomly changed places, they replaced your custom wheels with the factory default ones, added a pine scented air freshener to which you are allergic... and you still don't know if the missing roof is a feature or just a bug...

Welcome to the world of today's updates! Where you get the "UI improvement" crap mandatory with the "security stuff". Why? Because it works oh-so-well in the facebook-ish "like is the only option you'll get for a feedback" way. Brilliant really!

Don't believe me? Then you have never tried to update Skype! And that's just the most visible one, but it's the same for all software that's around really...
Tags: rant, software

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