Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

WTF coding #4 - Production Enhancers

Another one. This time: "Production Enhancing Plugins". Or: "The Pain in your Behind you have been taught to enjoy"... another example for Stockholm syndrome?

First off: I am an absolute fan of tools that actually help me getting my job done faster. This is by no means a call for "EDLIN" to be the next best code editor, no way!

I like what Visual Studio had to offer me in the past: IntelliSense(tm) was well behaved and predictable. Not 100% perfect, but at least 99% useful. Also, VS didn not tamper with my typing, other than suggesting some words which I could ignore reasonably easy.

But then along came a product called "resharper" and everybody and their grandmother wanted it because it is soooooo coooool. Since the, some of the "features" have found their way back into VS... Bleargh.

If that wasn't torture enough, a recent training I had to do for a customer asked specifically to be using Resharper...

Where do I start?

#1: These "analyze what you type as you type" things take up a lot of your CPU power. With-every-frickin-keystroke. Visual Studio never felt so bloated and sluggish in all my life.

#2: For a few versions now, both VS and Resharper seem to think "Oh, you WANT to move your cursor" or "Oh, you WANT to enter THAT if you just entered THIS!" - which leads my well trained typing to type out the crappiest combination of symbols and characters, mixed in places I'd never expect them to end up in. GNAAAHHHH! *I* want to be in control when my caret gets placed somewhere else. If *I* type, then I want to type where I just left off, not anywhere near that.

#3: Close tie with #2, automatic bracket completion. Ugh. As a non-sequential programmer I more often than not want to add brackets around something that is already there. Making me first delete the "auto created bracket" and then place the real one where I wanted it... cumbersome to the extreme.

Yes, I know: you can disable all that BS... but it is ON BY DEFAULT. And working on new installs on an almost weekly base is causing mental grief to no end.
Tags: programming, visual studio, wtf

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