Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

WTF coding #3 - Windows 10 (part 1?)

And this time it's Microsoft again... It seems somebody in Redmond is on some kind of haluzination inducing medicine again... or is Redmond in an "it is legal here" state?

I'm talking about one of the "features" that shipped with Windows 10: Peer to Peer Update Delivery.

According to several sources (like this one) it is turned on by default and without fussing around a lot it can't be disabled. Which means that 99% of users and companies will run with it. Great. Now every Windows client serves as a server to distribute Updates. And According to a statement by Microsoft, it will "only do so when the network connection is idle and thus not impact your bandwidth". Sweet! Did Microsoft negotiate an "internet flatrate for all Windows users" without us realizing it? Are peeps in Redmont that far removed from reality that they don't realize that it's not the "bytes per second" that can hurt us but much rather the "bytes per month total"?

Fact: Internet providers have been re-thinking the concept of a "flat rate" constantly. Especially mobile data packages more often than not include a monthly cap. And that is the amount of data I pay for and want to use myself, not to donate delivering the patch for my neighbor. So unless Microsoft is making it possible to overshoot that limit or they are somehow excempt from that traffic metering, this feature is pretty much a direct way of saying: "Hey, we want you to pay for our update delivery infrastructure!"... and again, marketing has sold this crap as a "feature you absolutely want to have". I am again shocked by the naivity of the average computer user.

Oh, I forgot to mention... up until now, Windows Update only downloaded and installed updates from a trusted source (Windows Update or WSUS) - I don't even want to know what happens if the first hacker manages to plant a virus into that update mess. Whoop-de-doo! Free delivery of malware, with absolutely no chance of stopping it ever again!

Bottom line: somebody needs to seriously break that thing, to a point where Microsoft removes it from the OS, like so many other "cool things" they added without somebody asking "is this really a good idea?"...
Tags: wtf windows microsoft stupid danger

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