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Oh, you made a funny, Micro$oft. Much Haha and LOL!

Where to begin? Note that I don't want to go into too much detail about the "why" I wanted to do what I tried to do, but here's the starting point:

I want to build my own local NuGet repository from within my current environment, a Win7 machine with VS2010 Ultimate SP1. I know that this is not the most up-to-date installation, but it still serves me well and isn't too convoluted with junk I never even want to touch.
Also, note that I had a nasty and rather time consuming run-in with NuGet before which is exactly why I wanted my own server, to protect myself from any updates that I don't want to incorporate into my projects.

So, I tried following the instructions, which are rather easy: Create an empty ASP.NET application. Check. Install "NuGet.Server" package into project... ummm... not quite:


As you can see in the screenshot, the NuGet version that came with VS2010SP1 is too outdated for the current server package... and here we go: dependency hell, now in the cloud!!!111oneeleven
Well... OK... let's check for updates on the NuGet website, why not? (can you read the sarcasm?)


Aha. NuGet tells me to just go ahead and use the installer-for-dummies (a.k.a. Extension Manager) of VS to install the updated version... so, let's try...
OK, there is an update available, nice. Clicking update and confirming the UAC query, it actually starts:


...and fails in an instant:


OK.. let's see.. there is a download-version available too:


...same error.


Let's check the VS download page directly again... and: OH! they have a "known issues" page! Yay! I am not alone! Greetings, Programs!


On that page, it seems that there are two possible issues: wrong signature and untrusted certificate. The first one matches my error message, so I scroll down to the solution:


Ah. OK. Turn it off and on again is what they are saying. *sigh* OK, let's try.


And the disabled buttons for "uninstall" or "disable" were the point where I gave the idea the finger.

To me, it keeps proving a nightmare. Unless you spend more than half of your time researching "new stuff" anyway, it's a total show stopper. Nobody can tell me that they are honestly productive with that B.S. - I think they use it only to do what they enjoy: tinkering with new stuff. And somewhere in between, actual work maybe done too. Just make sure every CEO and other types of bosses think that it's actually helpful!
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