Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

Broken tech day???

What is it with today... is it sun-spots? Aliens? The Illuminati? Or does another Mayan calendar end?

Several devices decided to "not work" today:

1.: Puls meter - according to that thing: I'm dead. Puls is either zero, 45 or 230. Granted, I got very aggrevated at that thing but even that didn't push me to 230... About half way into my workout it started to give plausible values again. Thanks for ruining my stats again :(

2.: MP3-player decided to turn on without anybody touching any buttons again, so: dead battery instead of music to work out by.

3.: TwitPic - which was reliable so far - decides to just ignore my WIP picture and I keep wondering why nobody comments... not that many people would have, but at least one or two reactions I'd expect. Even sending the pic a second and third time didn't make it show up.

Let's see what else can go wrong. The evening is still "young".

Oh, also making eyelids for my pawpet didn't work out as planned... but that's not tech-fail but normal-fail. Still, it isn't my day today.
Tags: technology

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