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Update on the ASN.1 thingie...

Be warned, some lengthy text is here:

As I wrote in my previous journals, I am working on an ASN.1 parser to crunch through some crypto-standards. Why? Just because I can. [insert maniacal laughter here] - ahem. Yes.

Today, after literally dozens of hours of coding I finally finished the "parsing" phase pretty much. Which means, I am on my way but still not finished. In detailed terms: I can now make sense of the modules required to parse the "Certificate Request" module: PKCS-10 {iso member-body us(840) rsadsi(113549) pkcs(1) pkcs-10(10) modules(1) pkcs-10(1)}

While this might not be the latest version involved, it is still a good sample for the parser. It actually is able to make sense of ALL the structures defined in it - which includes loading referenced modules and some recursive constructions.

I feel kinda weird now... The last run I tested yielded about 10 errors in the parsing process... fixed one problem... no errors. You know the feeling when you fully expect an error message and there is none? :D

Up next: making sense of it all, fixing some conceptual "mistakes" (I only realized a few moments ago that a type can have more than one "tag"... not sure if the standard even mentioned that, but hey... small-ish change. But "interpreting" the parsed structures and cross-references might be difficult too. And certainly might show some new parsing Mistakes :)

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