Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

It ain't dead, Jim!

Or how I'd say in German: "Todgesagte leben länger" (approx.: "[people] rumored to be dead will live longer") - I'm talking about LiveJournal of course, as it was featured in today's XKCD

No, it's not dead... although I'd hesitate calling it "alive" and it certainly isn't "lively" anymore. When I joined, there were something like at least one post per day from almost everybody I have on my friends list... now... it's XKCD's RSS feed, a (defunct) Dilbert RSS feed that tells me to "visit the webpage instead" and every once in a while a posting by somebody. Still, I prefer LJ over any other platform for some rants and ramblings. Just whish somebody else would too.
Tags: livejournal xkcd

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