Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

Picture Perfect Skin!

How do they do it? It boggles the mind if you ask yourself just how do all the big hollywood stars (and starlets) get their skin to be so prestine... with such a nice skin tone...

Some of you might have already guesst the PhotoShop wrinkle remover, but I'm not even talking about such deep edits. It starts even earlier in the process. And I just ran across a thumbnail picture promoting a photo sequence about the Academy Awards that makes it glaringly obvious. I'm NOT going to embed the picture here for copyright reasons, but you can check it out with the following URL:

Just look at the "red carpet": it is the SAME red carpet for each picture. But does it look the same? Not even close. Which means that there has been done some very elaborate color correction, at least in the red channel of the image. And you know what else is "mainly red"? Right: the skin tones in the picture. I'd try out equalizing these three shots to check just how weird the skin color actually looks when compared to each other, but I wouldn't be surprised to see much more realistic tones than that "I just have a mild tan" look that is popular now. "Anorexic white" might pop up too.

It just proves (again!) that glossy photos of stars and other famous people are adjusted to look perfect. Dear ladies: it is an idealized view. Don't try to immitate exactly that. If you get even *close* to it, it's already perfect. You can't get a real body to look like an idealized PhotoShop output.
Tags: photography, rant

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