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Indiana Jones IV - "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

There's a whole bunch of "boo!" going around the internet when it comes to this movie... but I find it funny just what the most controversial discussion is about.

Alian fridges! or so. Let's analyze this a bit:


So, Indiana Jones aged... well rather Harrison Ford aged, but since ther is not enough makeup in entire Hollywood to cover that up, the hero had to age as well: I don't see a problem here.
The biggest beef some fans of the oroginals have is: but where's the Nazis?! Well... for one, there was no (important) Nazi in Indy II either. Temple of Doom was about an occult in India. Also, if Indy had aged, WWII would have been over and of course any Nazi left over would be in deep hiding. Nothing that would cross paths with an archeologist.
The time period portraied had very big UFO and alien stuff happening though: cold war, conspiracy theories and such... Roswell... you get my drift. I don't have a problem with that: Indy plays against some of the most iconic motives of the time period. It does make sense to have aliens.

We see Indy having issues with his son: Also pretty standard and just another angle to the "personal issues" that a hero has on his jurney. Indy had to deal with personal issues before: remember his relationship with his father? Had nothing to do with the movie's plot but same outlines only the other way round.

OMFG nuclear fridge!

The fridge scene... Oh My God... why are people critizising that??? I don't get it. "Duh, you can't survive a nuclear blast in a fridge, that's BS...blablabla" - HELLOOOO! Reality check! Of course you could not survive that. Harrison Ford would have been toast! INDY did survive it, just by the same lawas of physics that he survived a ridiculous mine cart chase and getting his heart (almost) ripped out or balancing on "god's name"... It is funny and part of the Indy universe to bend reality! I can't see why people are having an issue with that scene?!

So, what's my issue with the movie?

Yes, I did have an issue with it. However far fetched the first three were, once you believed in the universe, they worked out and were well designed for the big screen. With this movie, it looks more like somebody was designing the movie to be a test-run for a jump-and-run game. This was particularly visible in the "escape from the spaceship" scene: Come on guys? Add a pixelation effect and you have a Super Mario Indy crossover. That is what I think is off with the fourth part and what makes it less good than the first three. Is it bad? Hardly. Just not as good as it *could* have been if they didn't have Mario build their sets.

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