Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

My jurney to the Eurofurence e.V. meeting on Januray 10th 2014...

Sooo... let's start at the beginning: it's Thursday evening and I return home after three days of teaching a rather high end course which took quite some energy from me. Combine that with my stomache acting up on Tuesday/Wednesday and only sleeping 1 and 5 hours these days you can guess how much travel preparations I got done when I got home. Right. None whatsoever.

Come Friday morning, I had to pack my bag in a hurry and head for the airport. I even made a list of things that I was not to forget several days early. I put in everything on that list. I even remembered to remove the itsy bitsy tiny little nail clipper with a one inch knife from my carry on luggage, but it was in a hurry.

Heading off to the airport, I realized I forgot some of my aspirin fizzy-tablets (whatever those are called in English) and so my minor cold would surely develop into a major one by the end of the weekend...

After checking my luggage I proceeded to meet up with Kazzador at the security checkpoint. At which point I realized that - as a rather polite security guard pointed out to me - I had put IN everything I need but forgot to REMOVE my Letherman tool from my carry on luggage... ummm... no way that was going to fly. Literally. Two options: leave it at the lost and found or have it sent home. I opted for the cheaper option and had it deposited at the lost and found for 15 Euro (ouch!) but not after a rather close security inspection... just in case I forgot a gun in my ponytail or whatever... Oh, and while we were waiting for the paperwork to be done, Kazzador discovered that I actually could have brought my nail-clippers along.

By this point I was sure that I already hit rock bottom but noooo... On the plane I found myself in a row just behind a family with four(!) very young(!), very loud(!!) and very active(!!!) children. ACK! I want my electronic device DURING takeoff and landing! I need music in my head to stay sane! Also - somewhere along the flight - I noticed that I had a torn fingernail. Now where were my nailclippers again? AGH!

The landing went OK but guess who was taking one step-at-an-ever-so-slow-time down the stairs? Right. The family with the squad of children. Why the father would carry that screaming child all the way through the plane and then place it on the stairs is beyond me. Block as long and as much as possible? Did I mention that this was one of those bus to the terminal affairs and I was freezing and developing a cold?

After grabbing my luggage we headed for the bus, got a ticket and changed to the S-Bahn line for the hotel. No problems there (thankfully!)

Inside the S-Bahn I had time and space for the first time to open my luggage and get the nailclipper. But what's that? It feels kinda funky and wet? *sniffsniff*... Mouthwash. AAAARRRGHHH!!! The cork on the bottle actually came undone and now I had an empty bottle and a bag full of nice smells.

Now I think you can imagine my reaction to the receptionist's question: "Have you had a nice trip?"

In my room I discovered that the mouthwash-incident was limited to my bag of toiletries and my pajamas... which provided quite a refreshing feeling in certain areas at night if you get my drift.

Anyway, the return jurney went a lot smoother but when I arrived home the cold really kicked in bad and I was out for Monday all day.
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