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Big Google is watching you...

Judging by latest news it seems that Google has removed all stops and is agressively and without even an opt-out feature pushing G+ down everybody's throat who ever even touched a device that was related to their company. And here I am wondering just about "why"?

Then it hit me... a possible reasoning behind it! Management statistics! It's like the Facebook "like" button. It provides 100% positive feedback to present to your shareholders! Just think about it for a second:

Google introduced G+ and it was "meh". Statistics look not so good becuase there's no percentage involved. Nothing to compare the data against. Google then made it mandatory to enter your real name in the G+ profile or your profile would be suspended. I bet the report read about like this: "100% of all the people using G+ have no problem sharing their RL name!"... completely ignoring the suspended profiles of course because hey: those aren't using G+ anymore, right?

And it continues: Mandatory G+ account for YouTube comments? "100% of the commenters on YouTube like to use G+ to comment!"... DUH!

This is why I hate statistics. It's the only branch of science that truly does devils work (or whatever your anti-good diety may be called ;) )

I'd like to see statistics about how many people would rather NOT use G+ for any or all of these features... I bet the percentage would be interesting but it is hard to gather that data and sometimes it's outright impossible because of the way things are set up. Remember the "like" button analogy? Well there you only have a "like" button... say "100 people liked this"... it's useless... 100 out of how many? How many people hated it? How many actually bothered to read it? And here business decisions are made based on that crap - decisions that sooner or later involve everyone of us.
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