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The End of YouTube

That's it... I've been tolerant with policy changes around YouTube for quite a long time now. But the recent decision to "improve the commenting system" is just another nail in YouTube's coffin. It is now officially impossible to see or approve comments without a G+ account! In other words, since I totally refuse to accept the G+ account and privacy (haha) policy, I can no longer see what my viewers think about my video... Maybe I could allow "unscreened" comments, but that would just open up the comments for everybody's favorite internet trolls. Thanks Google, for rendering the internet useless one piece at a time.

All my videos are available on Vimeo just the same as they are on YouTube, so please go there for future updates because I'm not sure if YouTube will even allow me access to my stuff in the upcoming future... they already effectively blocked access to the comments to my videos. I wonder if that is even remotely legal? I mean where's the difference between a hostage situation and what Google is doing now? Pay or we'll keep your child? Register and accept our policy to f*** you over or we'll keep your data? I don't honestly see any difference.

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