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Dog's Life - Episode 2: Storyboard?

As it just came up in an IRC conversation: Yes, we (or rather me in this case) are doing storyboards for this production. They help incredibly much when deciding on shot angles and cut sequences. Without them we would end up with way too little "coverage" at the end of the day and would have to re-shoot some filler materials to avoid cutting from one angle to "the same angel" again. Which is an absolute no-no!

Buuut... since my artistic talent is rather limited and I can't even get stick-figures right on the first try I like to "cheat" these a bit. Here's a sample of just how one of the shots looked like in the storyboard:

Dog's Life - Sample Storyboard

I just scribble some props and direction arrows over the digital picture when assembling the storyboard. But the set and characters are what you can see here. I tried using "props" in the shot for Episode 1, but it was a real hassle to get them to stick where they belonged and didn't provide any "value". Took me about two evenings worth of posing/picture taking to get all the shots for Episode 2. ToonBoom "Storyboard" edition does the rest pretty much.
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