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Dog's Life - Episode 2: Progress report

So far, so good. What has been done so far:

I have achieved what I'd call "frame freeze". That means I'm quite happy with the overall timing. With some cuts I'd rather have a few more/less frames on either side, but lack of material dictated them. Not that that's anybody's fault in particular, just that it's hard to pan out these things in advance with a to-the-frame accuracy. I can point out the shots in question if you're interested in the "behind the scenes" info after the episode is released.

Next, I have created just about every visual effect that is required. Some "touch ups" to hide minor details and one major "CGI" part in a shot. Might need some fine tuning, but overall completed.

What is still pending?

Music: WIP...

Sound effects: Should be done by the end of the week.

Final edit: should be done in time to submit it for the November edition of Fursuit-TV! Keep your fingers/claws/talons crossed!
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