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EDITED: Added two more mobile web app no-nos at the end of the list.

Twitter is becoming more and more of a total fail IMHO and here's why:

Notification mails

...are not happening anymore. None. No notification about a DM, a reply, a repost... just none at all even though I have checked, double checked and triple checked my notification preferences and all are enabled.

Mobile web version just a whole bag of problems in one bag. Here goes:

Reply to a "thread" when tere are other replies

...won't work in 99% of all cases. Becuase instead of hitting the "send" button, that POS web interface selects the next reply and erases my response.

Reply to regular tweets

...won't work in 50% of all cases. Because for some reason, every other reply that I "send", Twitter decides that I'm no longer logged in, asks me for user/password and forgets what I was trying to respond.

Missing timeline

...back in the day (when the mobile version was still working) there was a "tap for more" or similar option between disconnected timeline fragments. It is gone now. There are days of tweets that I just cannot load.


"What's that? You don't want to re-start your web browser every other visit? How ancient." - I can picture all the hipster so-called developers at Twitter... How else would it be that the twitter mobile web app completely crashes my Android browser every other time? Like: "Scroll-scroll-scroll-hello Android home screen!"

No Zoom!

I have no idea what kind of a nutcase disables the zoom feature of a web browser... maybe they are afraid that it will make all the duct-tape and WD-40 visible if I zoom in too much? But it's just not possible to view some of the embedded pictures properly (or make out some important detail) becuase: "This isn't the feature you're looking for!"

Mobile app what I'll never be using. Seriously, if Twitter can't even get the HTML version working, what can I expect of the app? *shudders*
Anyhow, I have heard from a friend that the Twitter Android App (can/does) cause a resource leak in the audio system, thus making your device a "mute" one after a few days or so. Reboot required to fix.

"Sponsored" tweets

I can understand that running Twitter costs money and that it's not done as a charity. But I'd rather pay a few bucks a month for a WORKING, AD FREE version than have my timeline infested with stupid messages that I can't opt out of. Do you really think I'm going to buy a Landrover(tm) just because a tweet mentioned how cool that is? Unsolicited messages are Spam. It doesn't matter who is getting money for spamming, it doesn't get less annoying if the service provider pushes them... or more legal that is.
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