Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

Dog's Life - Episode 2: Principal photography done! It's a wrap!

...and for everybody who doesn't know what that means: have a wikipedia link! :)

Some stats again, like last time. For those of you who keep score.

  • Shooting days: 3

  • Total hours of shooting1: 14

  • Individual props2: 50

  • Total video files: 135

  • Total video file size: 17.5GB

  • Highest number of takes3: 8

  • Number of characters: 3

Up next: editing, music, finishing touches, premiere! Commonly known as "post production" :)

1 - excluding setup/teardown/etc. Just the time the camera was ready and the actors were on location.
2 - includes the "speech sign cards"
3 - estimate. We didn't count very short takes individually.
Tags: dog's life, projects, video

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