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Have a LOL on Microsoft...

This is a kind of bug that is worth a facepaw even by Microsoft's low standard... We all are used to RedmondBug(tm) style bugs that nobody can explain and everybody wondes whether or not somebody actually tried that button before shipping the application... but this documentation highlight I just stumbled across takes the cake in my opinion.

Why? Because it is strictly speaking not even a bug - but I consider documentation to be part of the software, so wrong documentation is just a special kind of bug. I take it you know (or have heard about) MS-SQL Server? I certainly have because I have grown very fond of it and use it for just about every data solution I build or maintain. Upon reading up on (i.e. refreshing my memory) the 2012 specific features I used the feature comparison chart MS offers to potential customers. May I point your attention to this list here. At the time of me writing this (June 1st, 2013 1800Z) there was a feature listed called "Web services (HTTP/SOAP endpoints)" - and some editions showed a "yes" for it. Now that struck me as odd because I knew that it had been new in 2005 and already deprecated in 2008. So, I took alook at the API documentation - notice the little "Note" about the XML Webservice endpoints no longer being available in 2012? :D

Seems that somebody forgot to update the feature map. I now wonder what else on that map is wrong... I mean: people use that table as a basis for investment decisions! Even experts do sometimes becaues it is impossible to memorize all of it.
Tags: microsoft rant bug

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