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Work in progress... getting there...

The current project is nearing its completion (yay!) and it looks a lot more like it's going to "air" on next Sunday than it did last Friday.

Only one more animation, one composition and some minor puppeteering to do which should go over tomorrow just fine - pending any distractions from "real live".

I had to finish some work in the garden today so there was time for the computer to render the final animated 3D background. I'll keep on working now for as long as I can concentrate - mind you it's 1:30am as I type this.

sigh... After Effects crashed again... :( At least I know: "Save often, save early." but starting and crashing takes several seconds each.

Let's see what tomorrow brings then... I still believe this mega-uber-project might be done by Sunday but I don't make any promises... only that FPS is my first choice for the premiere.
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