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Work in progress... still...

OK, Sorry everybody who thought I'd be done with the video by Sunday - and that includes me.

First off all, the 3D work is (yes, still is!) harder than I thought but I think I get the hang of it.

I still need to record the audio, film the actual pawpets and - the most difficult one: get the sound effects right. It is most crucial with this one ;)

Things that got completed:

  • 20 (yes, twenty) 3D-Models including Scenery, props and two "animated" characters

  • one rendered animation that has no audio or puppet to sync

  • one animation is 90% completed that will have a puppet but no audio

So, it's been a busy week since of course I have a day job and a home to take care of as well.

Again: I'm practically oozing with hints as to what movie I'm doing my little homage on but don't post it in a reply if you think you've got it. It should be a surprise for everyone who can't guess it ;)
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