Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

A few thoughts about "Discovery"ng quality in TV...

...or better: lack thereof.
First thing to know for all of you non-german natives out there: Discovery Channel (German) is part of the Sky pay-TV packages, previously run as "Premiere". That means: I pay for it because I basically like the idea of at least some information dribbling in for entertainment while I unwind in front of the TV.

Buuuuut: ever since a few years ago, the quality of the programming has dropped considerably. There are still good documentaries around, but they are few and far between. What do I get instead? Such gems as "arctic crab fishing" (or "fisherman catching crabs" as I dub it, as I don't know the original title), "American Chopper", "Tornado nuts" (whatever that's called) and that multiple times a day. Yes, reality TV invaded Discovery Channel. What a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I *like* to know about any of these topics... but showing more than maybe two episodes of either of these series is bordering boring me to death... and probably thousands of other subscribers as well.

There are two shows on there that I still like though: "Dirty Jobs" and "Mythbusters".

Mythbusters is at least entertaining - nothing funnier than nerds having fun with explosives and such :) Not very scientific in the classic sense, but at least not boring at all. Watching Jamie and Adam making fun of each other while Tory is adding to his bruise and rash collection, Grant builds another robot and Kari is... well, Kari is a highlight in my week.

Dirty Jobs might seem to be a form of "reality TV", but since Mike Rowe and his team head out to a new job at least in every episode, it has entertaining moments time and time again.

Buuuut... even these two shows are brought down by Discovery. Just in February 2013, Discovery announced "all new" episodes of Mythbusters. Yeah! But when watching the first one, it said "Copyright 2009"... WTF? Almost four years to get that thing translated and aired? I mean it doesn't even have a decent translation to begin with... many wrong words only make sense once you listen to the English original that - thankfully - still is audible in the background. But what really is getting to me is that the "new season" has flashbacks to episodes that haven't even aired here!!! Are they trying to mock me?

Similar issue with Dirty Jobs... As I can't remember which episodes I have seen, I keep track of them. And I have now seen about 150 episodes. Althoug amongst them is the "Yay we have 200 episodes!" episode. Come on... seriously?

And to top it off, the technological quality is now going down too... The main program slots start on 8:15pm around here. Discovery thus advertises the three major items at this time throughout the day. No problem. But the animation they use shows - e.g. "20:15 - Dirty Jobs" with a picture of Mike Rowe in the background. Then the SAME PICTURE replaces "itself" and the next announcement "21:15 - whatever" is shown. And repeat for the third program item. And it's not a one time thing. Ever since this form of advertisement started, they show the picture of the first event for all three!

Never mind the EPG (=electronic program guide in case that is also a European acronym) - the "description" of any episode of any series is either blank or just states the summary of the show instead. Useful: nope.
The newest gem in translation f-ups is "Angelroute" for "fishing rod" - which translates back to "fishing route". Do they employ school drop-outs for their translations now? "Rute" (=rod, pole, stick) is not the same as "Route" (=route n.). I still like to see a "Factory Made" fishing route. Would be sort of a map, wouldn't it?

All I can say to this is: GRRRR!!!
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