Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

New Icon for the occasion...

Yes! All uploads are done and it's actually only up to timduru to play it on Fursuit TV. Of course I'm talking about the "big video" project that we have been working on here. Well, after the shooting, it's been mostly me that has done the "working on it" but still: this is far to much work to be done alone. I consider it a success already even if there are some little dings and nicks in it. Of course: constructive criticism and feedback is always welcome.

I'll make the YouTube and Vimeo versions public as soon as it has aired on Fursuit TV (or as soon as the January edition is over if he doesn't play it).

I'm slowly getting nervous about it again and hope that there are at least a few people with an attention span that is long enough for something that isn't a music video.

I almost forgot: The nice little animation was drawn by yamavu and I have created the animated GIF version in PhotoShop. Took some tinkering and creative loss of fideltiy to fit into the 40k icon limit of LJ.
Tags: projects, video

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