Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

New printer!

Finally... after quite some time (see this post from October 2010!) the time of my good old trusty inkjet printer has come. After printing my last few christmas cards, the ink seemed to be getting low again. And seeing this, I just couldn't buy another set of ink/head cartridges for about 100 Euro, when I was already planning to get a new inkjet printer anyhow. And not just any inkjet but rather a printer to do professional grade photo printing with. Yay! Time to put some of the funds to good use and invest into a Canon Pixma Pro-1!

Today - on my way to my movie premiere - I took a stop at a large computer retailer and snatched one. Well... as much as you can snatch a piece of equipment that is 28kg. Holy heavy!

Arriving home, I "quickly" installed that thing. Putting in the 12 ink tanks and the printing head alone took about an hour with the calibration steps the printer ran in between.

But the results... simply breathtakingly. Awesome. This printer produces photography grade stuff. Even with a 10* magnifying glass I couldn't really see any color dots, only the hint of a slight "raster" effect. And it can print up to A3+ (i.e. A3 without any border)

That said, it is NOT an office printer. It is photo exclusive. So if you want to print more text and less images, better get a cheaper printer ;)

Up next on the hardware front: replacement for the almost as old laser printer so I can print decent documents again. But that's for next month-ish.
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