Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

12-12-12 Yay!

Just HAD to type a journal today!

And there's even some info: In addition to all the problems I had with my weekend journey, I had a rather pleasent experience too. On my flight home, I was seated next to an elderly (read: reeeealy elderly) couple who I already noticed on the airport because he was being brought to the plane in a wheelchair. I thought: "Oh my, how am I going to handle that?" - but much to my surprise the lady behaved all but "stereotypical old" and was making some friendly comments and remarks after I helped her turn on the air conditioning (she was a bit too short to reach). Very friendly and kind woman indeed. Later I found out that the airline in fact had them on a special ticket because they were off to their honeymoon - for their golden wedding anniversary! They were going to either Bangkok or Hong Kong - I forgot which. Honestly if I'm ever that old and STILL that active and alert... wow!

I sure hope they have a wonderful time in whatever city they were going to.
Tags: travel

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