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The work goes on...

Sooo.... principal photography was successful, the trailer is doing OK... a bit more traffic would be nice, so everybody out there who liked the trailer, please spread the word about it :)

In the meantime I have sorted through the material and found that everything is there. I also created a rough cut of the film to see if the timing works and how long it's going to be. I estimated three minutes... hmm... well... not quite. It is a whooping six minutes, to the frame. And there isn't much I could cut out without getting to an awkward length. Most certainly there isn't enough to be cut to get to five minutes. So I'll leave the overall length at what it is and only do some minor fiddling about with transition lengths, pauses and in/out points.

I also handed off the rough cut to another participant who is going to write and perform a score for it. And that means that I shouldn't change much in the overall structure or else he's going to have a hard time x.x

There were some continuity problems... every film has them ;) A mysteriously disappearing device on a table or a door that goes from almost closed to all the way open from one frame to the next... but I managed to cover those issues up rather well I think :) Thank the gods for After Effects and it's magical "door removal" service.

Something else I realized: I need a huge-a$$ screen on location to preview the scene through the lens. The camera screen isn't enough by a longshot. Now I have to fix several "visible equipment" instances... mostly reflecting lights. I was aware of this before but figured it would work for this film. Nope, next time: bring your own TV!
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