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New Video Project - Shooting day!

Finally! About 75 days after the inception at EuroFurence, several meetings and countless hours of prop-building and/or searching for suitable props we did it! The "principal photography" of the new video project I was talking about here and there is finally done! And here's how the day went, from my point of view:

(to me, today actually started yesterday... you'll see in a bit)
Saturday, November 17 2012 - Load all the props and bags and trunks of equipment into my car, with the exception of the camera and notebook equipment. Then double and triple check each and every aspect of the prop list. Then go to bed early and try to sleep... only to find out that being responsible for a project of that magnitude can be the source of quite some stress. So: no sleep until 3:30am-ish.

6:30am: Alarm goes off.

7:15am: Pack last bags and head out to our location.

8:35am: Arrive on location and - with Flutterby's help - unload the car.

9:00am: begin to set up lighting and modify the set to suit our script: remove some items in the kitchen and add some.

10:06am: Kitchen setup finished, starting to sort out props for the bedroom location.

10:27am: Lurinare, Karpour and Yamavu arrive on location.

11:16am: First scene: ACTION!

3:16pm: Last scene in the kitchen: CUT!

Lunch break as we now can use the kitchen again!

4:17pm: First scene in the bedroom set: ACTION!

5:35pm: Last scene: CUT! (camera says "Card full!")

Set cleanup and chill out, watching an MLP-FIM episode

So all in all, we had a bit over five hours of shooting time which amounted to approx. 10 GB (119 clips) of Full-HD video. Needs post processing now.

6:00pm-ish: Heading home, narrowly avoiding a police checkpoint (they pulled out a car in front of me) - with all the stuff in my car, I'm not sure about what they would have said.

7:00pm-ish: arrived home, starting unloading car.

8:30pm-ish: finished sorting stuff and putting away stuff again.

There. Complete details on what we did today. Oh, you wanted details on the content? Well, I'll start working on a trailer ASAP then, won't I? ;p

EDIT: Forgot to paste the last paragraph:

A HUGE "Thank you!" goes out to Karpour, Yamavu, Flutterby and Lurinare for their time and effort in supporting this project! It was a blast working with you guys and I hope we can do a sequal some time!
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