Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

What's up with web sites and products lately??!?

In the beginning, CERN said: Let there be HTTP!

*fast forward a few years*

We have a decent selection of web sites providing anything from news and entertainment to blogging and even video streaming. Cool! And look: none of these sites is completely like the other! You can actually pick out the one with the layout/feature set that works best for you! Granted, every site has their little "why had they do it like that?" moment but there is CHOICE!

*fast forward a bit more*

At this point, two new items make their way into popular culture: the iPhone and Twitter. Just about the same timeframe IIRC. Both the device and the website immediately suck up millions of people. Why? Nobody knows for sure but my bet is on marketing. Not really on being "better" or "newer"... just "different enough" and "in the news" enough to attract everybody who wants to be hip. Note here that there is a vast amount of people who aren't running to these two like flies head for... well you get my point. Why are some people staying with LifeJournal or plain old "Windows Mobile"? Because they LIKE it. They don't WANT anything that looks or feels like iPhone or Twitter.

*fast forward again a liiitle bit*

Now corporations are wondering: why did we lose so many of our customers to Apple and Twitter? And what conclusion do they come up with? "It must be that their way of doing things is more attractive than ours, so we mus change our products to look exactly like theirs!"

Changes have always been around and will always be around. But recently it seems that nobody out there has any changes to make their product stand out anymore. It's always "bring it in line with the biggest player out there" - even if the biggest player is only the percieved biggest (like the iOS isn't really the biggest selling in the smartphone field but Android is).

What is everybody doing? Making their website look like Twitter and their desktop look like iOS.

Where does that lead to? People who stuck with the product are driven away because now it looks and feels like the one product they didn't want in the first place.

Will people come back? No. Because those who left for the other platform are there because they like it.

Bottom line: Changing existing products to look like "the biggest player" out there is stupid and will end in these corporations having only the customers left who confused their product for the "real" thing. Like somebody who wanted an iPhone and got a Windows Phone. Or somebody who wanted Twitter and got LifeJournal. And those are the customers that nobody wants. Because: they will leave as soon as they find out that they were mislead.

Just my 2 cents.

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