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Hard work week

Well what can I say: Work last week to earn money, work this week to get the house nice and shiny - and I'm not talking cleaning up here, it's a full blown renovation going on here and now that the facade is done all those little but time consuming finishing touches need doing.

Besides that, I'm trying to get one seriously overblown (and hopefully equally appreciated) new puppetry video on the way. This time I'll try to combine the following elements:

  • Tech humor for story

  • Movie homage for visuals

  • Greenscreen to integrate...

  • 3D backgrounds and some models

Done so far: the more complicated 2 of the four 3D models and a failed attempt at making the costumes - I sure hope my second alternative works or else the release next weekend is in jeopardy.

And please: if somebody thinks they can tell what movie I'm aiming at, please don't post it in a reply... I'm going for a bit of surprise here! If you want your suspicion confirmed, send me an LJ message and we'll see ;)

Uff... it's going to be a busy week.
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