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Disney bought Lucasfilm? Oh my...

Well, that came as a bit of a surprise today... I still don't know if the news is true or not but just assume it is true for a moment. Let's explore what might come from it... the not so distant future, in a galaxy not so far, far away as we would like it to be...


The mouse owns all

It has been several years since the rebel alliance has fought for freedom and justice in the galaxy... but now, the evil empire reared it's ugly head once more. The dark lord, Darth Mickey, and his yet unknown sidekick managed to gather enough funds to take over Coruscant not by force or by democratic vote but by simply buying the entire city!

Or how about this: And endless supply of sequals... one after the other, all direct to video (sorry, DVD... sorry, BD) and each featuring guest appearances by at least one famous Disney character: Donald and Chewbacca share a depressed drink in the cantina, lamenting over how nobody can understand them... Scrooge McDuck might try to sell Watto spare parts... And if you think that an unlimited supply of Star Wars films might be a good idea, just look at what a quality rate Disney has with its sequals so far...

Or how about this thought: Disney Princesses! Now featuring Tinkerbell, Mulan, Belle and Leia! Complete with "Beauty and the Beast: Star Wars Christmas Edition" - featuring Princess Leia as Belle, Jabba the Hutt as the Beast, Han Solo as Gaston, Chewbacca as Lefou... the possibilities are endless!
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